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All appliances have an effective lifespan.Computers are no different.In some cases, parts physically fail after years of service, in others they simply become too slow and too ineffective to keep doing the job.Hardware failures and IT issues can cost big in productivity losses, urgent fixes, and unintended downtime. Improving productivity and lower...
You have likely been alerted by popups while browsing the web.These, often flashing, advertisements claim your computer has more than a thousand errors requiring urgent attention to fix.Perhaps helpfully, these popups offer a solution to cure your computer with a click of the mouse.Buttons marked "fix now" appear to offer a simple fix to all your c...
Losing a mobile phone or laptop is an experience that everyone dreads.The expense and inconvenience of buying a new device is unpleasant, but only represents a fraction of the damage done when a device is misplaced.The cost of data contained within every device can add up to many times more than the total value of the device itself. Chances are, yo...
Being hacked is the single biggest fear of most computer users.Many believe the first sign of strange behavior or errors on their PC is a sign hackers have taken control.But are hackers really inside your machine, stealing your information? Or should we be on the lookout for more subtle signs?What does being hacked really look like? There is an imp...
Very few things in life are as intensely frustrating as slow network speeds.Whether accessing a shared database, sharing files between computers, or sending a file to print; waiting for transfers can seem to take an eternity.Worse still, these business breaks can keep both clients and staff waiting and get in the way of the productive business day....
You hear about hacks all the time. The news covers major websites who have had data leaks containing your email and password. Computers get infected and capture your login details for bank accounts and credit cards. In the worst cases, identity theft occurs because it is an easy crime to commit with a high reward. In 2018, the passwords you used to...
In today's business world, having great Wi-Fi isn't a luxury -it's a necessity. Businesses, with their varying needs, have personal requirements for what constitutes great Wi-Fi. For some small businesses, consumer-grade Wi-Fi may be sufficient, but many find that business-grade Wi-Fi is more appropriate. As companies grow, there becomes a tipping ...
Email has allowed us to send and receive messages more easily than ever before. While this is a good thing, it can lead to problems. You may receive dozens or even hundreds of emails in a day. At this point, it feels like you're wasting your entire day dealing with those incoming messages. Even worse, it makes it difficult to find important message...
Like many valuable things we buy, new computers suffer from wear and tear over time.Our computers are particularly vulnerable as we have placed more and more demands on them every year.New machines have got faster, quieter, more reliable, and more capable over time. At the same time our own computers have begun to slow and sometimes even stop perfo...
Today's phones can help us do more than ever before. In addition to making phone calls, we use them to send messages, post photos on our favorite apps, watch videos, play games, and endless other activities. Since our phones can accomplish so much, we're on them often. That means we're draining a lot of phone battery. In our busy lives, we aren't a...